Private Lessons

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Book a private lesson with your favorite instructor. Select the number of people in your party (max 4) and your favorite instructor from the selections below and the times available will be displayed.

Cancellation Fee * 

For your private lesson, many of our firearm instructors plan their schedules well in advance and travel to the Sporting Shoppe to provide you with a positive training experience. For that reason, we ask that you understand there is a 50% rescheduling and/or cancellation fee for any booked lesson that you can not attend.


Robert Cardente

Book a private lesson with Robert Cardente. Robert is a retired detective and is currently the Director of Training at the Preserve Academy. Robert holds firearms certifications from the FBI, NRA, Glock, Sig Sauer, and many others. Robert enjoys teaching new pistol shooters basic shooting skills and especially individuals who are training for lawful self-defense and concealed carry. Robert strongly encourages his students to purchase a holster, learn how to draw their firearm, and train for realistic scenarios that include utilizing cover, moving and shooting, one handed shooting, and shooting in low light conditions.

Sherry Pratt

Book a private or semi private lesson with firearms instructor, Sherry Pratt. Sherry holds NRA instructor certifications in Pistol, Rifle, and Personal Protection in the Home training. She is also an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer and Home Firearm Safety Instructor. Sherry enjoys teaching new shooters the fundamentals of shooting and safe firearms handling. Sherry takes pride in being the lead firearms instructor for our ladies pistol class and enjoys empowering women to learn a new skill for fun and/or self defense in a safe, positive, and patient environment.

Derek Brodeur

Book a private or semi private lesson with firearms instructor, Derek Brodeur. Derek holds most of the NRA instructor certifications such as Pistol, Rifle, and Personal Protection in the Home, Chief Range Safety Offices, NRA CCW and Massachusetts Safety Instructor. Derek enjoys teaching new shooters the fundamentals of shooting, safe gun handling and the skills needed to concealed carry. Derek is one of the lead firearms instructors focusing on pistol shooting and concealed carry.

Daniel Ashworth

Book a private or semi private lesson with firearms instructor, Daniel. Daniel is a Sergeant with over 18 years of law enforcement experience to date. Daniel is a Sig Sauer Active Threat Instructor, NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, and is a firearms instructor for his department and at the Rhode Island Municipal Police Academy.

After you book your lesson, an email will be sent to the instructor you have booked with. He/she will contact you to plan out your lesson and determine what equipment you will need.

Eye protection, ear protection, and targets are provided free of charge. Firearm rentals and ammunition is an additional charge if required. Most lessons require 100 rounds on average and the Sporting Shoppe has a large array of firearms to chose from for your rental needs.

Students are also welcome to bring their own firearms and ammunition.

We kindly ask that you arrive a few minutes early if you need to purchase ammunition and/or rent a firearm. All students should report directly to the Sporting Shoppe.