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Mar 28 2024


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Beginner Pistol Development Workshop

Are you a new or even experienced shooter who is struggling to get those rounds where you want them? Are you having difficulty passing your pistol permit qualification or instructor certification? Are you tired of not being able to hit your target where you are aiming at? If the answer is “yes” to any of those questions, this class is for you! Here is your opportunity to train with an NRA and/or FBI Certified Pistol Instructor who will be assigned to you for the entire class! This class is limited to only 6 students and gives you a chance to receive semi-private, personalized instruction at your pace!

This 4-hour class is specifically designed for the shooter who has not quite achieved the level of accuracy and proficiency that they would like to be at. This class will combine classroom learning with practical skills on the range. The classroom will review all of the basic fundamentals of firearms including stance, grip, sight alignment, sight picture and trigger pull. On the range, the shooter will continue to develop these skills. The shooter will then have the unique opportunity of working with an assigned instructor to help diagnose and provide methods to fix any problems that the shooter may incur, giving that student the knowledge and confidence needed to become proficient.

Required equipment: Semi-automatic handgun, 150 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection and 10 dummy rounds of the same caliber as your handgun.

Prerequisite: Previous shooting experience required

Member and Guest Dress Code. Beginner Pistol Development Workshop

When entering the Members Lodge Clubhouse, inclusive of the Double Barrel Kitchen Restaurant inside and outside dining, and the Preserve Academy classroom, we kindly ask that you abide by our Resort Casual Dress Code, permitting collared shirts, dress shorts, cotton and linen slacks, dressy blouses, pullover tops, dresses and maxi dresses, dress jeans, and close toed shoes.

Nonconforming clothing includes but is not limited to; bathing suits, beach coverups, camisoles, hoodies, non-dressy Jeans, carpenter pants, T-shirts, sweat suits, cutoffs, torn shorts, yoga pants, sneakers, and flip-flops.



Clubhouse Classroom
1 Preserve Boulevard, Richmond, RI, USA
Clubhouse Classroom


Glenn Cipalone


Glenn Cipalone

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